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Understanding Stress

Stress is cumulative.      <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.></a>

Don't ignore minor worries about your exams.

Stress can build up as multiple factors will combine until you can't cope with it any more.

Try and deal with it at every level when it occurs and how it occurs . Keeping it under control.

This can apply to all stresses in everyday life.

So it is important to keep them under control and you'll find you can cope with the revision and exam stage.

So keep an eye on stress.


Eat the right foods.

Yes! A well balanced diet of healthy ,natural foods will help your body to cope better with stress more easily.

Too much Caffeine and sugar will exacerbate the feeling of stress .



Eat Chocolate!!!

Although chocolate is very high in sugar .It contains special ingredients that have a calming effect!

Yes Really!


Don't Change Your Diet At The Last Minute.

Avoid new diets ,such as carbohydrate-free,a few days before any exam . It can complicate your body's ability to cope with stress.


Go to Bed !

Make time to relax and when you feel tired the night before an exam .Try to get a goodnight's sleep . Your concentration levels will rocket !


Broken Sleep Patterns.

Can't sleep then do not fight it !

Don't get worked up as this can add to a sleeping problem and you will be exhausted the next morning.

It is quite normal to have problems with sleeping patterns. So make arrangements feel relaxed in your surroundings.Soft lighting and minmise the noise in your sleeping area.

Warm Milk ! Yes it's true reduces gastric secretion and influences the stomach receptors as well as adding a sedative effect .


Don't Cheat Your Body !

Pills may be a good way to calm your nerves but they impair concentration and encourage slow thinking.Your body will not thankyou for it the next day especially on the exam day .

Your body needs to be fresh and alert !


Avoid Smoking !

People who smoke are trying to alleviate stress .However it can add to to feelings of anxiety.


Don't Focus On Your Finance!

A common cause of stress is being in debt . So build yourself up and use de-stress techiquesto cope with the exams.

Talk to friends and your tutors.


Relationship Problems.

You will need your space for the time being .These problems do happen .

If it helps talk with your friends and student consellor.


Believe In Yourself!

Yes you can do it and you have work hard for this .You know the subject .Show off to the examiner.



You must have been qualified to take this course . You can show that you can pass!


Don't Underrate Your Past Achievements!

Tell yourself that your previous passes were fully earned and you have what it takes !


Don't Compare Yourself With Others.

Always remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and in different areas. It is  not productive to measure yourself up against

other students .


Set Realistic Goals !

Aiming too far beyond your capability is going to cause stress.

Set goals for improving your Grades by level than jumping up to the top of the class in one year.


Take Time Off From Revising !

Your timetable should not use up every minute of the day .

Build up at small amounts of time .Allow your brain some free time and you don't feeling guilty of having some fun!


Take Time Off Work !

If you are balancing exams with a job. Take time off a few days before your exam to focus your mind .


Know Where the Exam Is Taking Place!

Finding the building helps to eliminate unnecessary last -minute stress.


Know When The Exam Is Taking Place.!

Take notice of Exam notices when the exam starts .Give yourself time to get there. Set your watch to arrive there 10 minutes ahead of time .



Find some time away from everyone and your revision to sit and close your eyes . Find a quiet place and let your mind take you to a beach where the waves are lapping at your toes and the Sun warms your body .


Relax Your Muscles.!

Muscle Tension can cause stress and be alleviated by exercise and by simple technique of tensing your whole body and then relaxing the muscles

and feeling the stress leaving the body .


Wind Down Every Night!

Working hard on your exam revision .It is important to wind down .Try and have short breaks shortly before the exam .

If you feel anxious last thing at night wind down with soothing music or a hot bath.