Science Tutor

Making The Decision.

The work needed to pass your exam starts well before the exam .

So the pass and fail decision is yours.It's up tp you to show that you are able to pass!

The exam maybe two to three hours long and in a large room .hall with the large clock in front of you ticking away.


Immerse Yourself In Your Subject.

If you are living with your study subject and for long periods of time it becomes easier .Anything that is unfamiliar will seem hard.

Put up your materials on the walls relating to the subjects you are studying .ie.lists,pictures,facts charts .Read them first thing in the morining or check them out at the train station .,car park , bus station and during your revision periods.If you take away the unfamiliar ,you are removing the stress.



Please Don't Rush .

When preparing a revision timetable be realistic and include time to relax your mind .

Careful planning is everything.If you worry about deadlines to your revision goals you will be adding more stress to the worry of the exams .

Plan your timetable clearly so you can read it . Perhaps a revision schedule in the form of a journal maybe useful.


Create A Good Working Environment.

Clear your desk or study area before you take up your revision time .

Get all your materials in order and look at how you are going to tackle this study session.

Make some space for that cup of tea ,water .

Make sure that the study area is free from distractions .