Science Tutor

Tuition fees

Private Lessons  are £85.00 per hour.

The lessons start from just 10 hours blocks and then further lessons can be booked.

There is one book included with the courses. Due to the high standards of Tuition . There is a 100% pass rate.

A program of study can be downloaded on to your computer or ipod for continuous revision studies.

Forensic Science courses are run during the Summer and Winter for the people interested in this widely popular subject.

Events dates will be posted shortly.

  Athenastutor .com  is a registered NLP  in Education .

As a graduate from the Open University and King's College ,University of London , 2001

Having studied and complete research in to Art  on Murals in Florence.

I enjoyed helping students during my post graduation years .

Leading me to believe I would enjoy teaching

 . I completed my teaching program in 2004.

In 2005 Athenastutor was formed to encourage Science and give support in Science Education .

Since then New horizons have opened to lead to . The online text book service.

To provide Science Education to the  large community .

In 2006 the company became known as a distance learning provider for The

Providing software for the educational industry.

I am a member of MFL  for Learning development in The UK.